Reimagining Elderly Care with Artificial Intelligence

Zemplee exemplifies dignity and privacy through passive monitoring technology placed in elderlys homes. We improve the quality of life for older adults aging in place using our strategically placed AI-powered sensors and devices. Without cameras or microphones, our AI examines your elderly's daily living activities and helps caretakers and family members verify an individual's health, wellbeing, and safety remotely.

Our passive devices and attentive AI interprets the elderly's dining habits, medication intake, activity level, sleep patterns, and other vital details and creates a behavioral determinant of health to ensure they live life to the fullest.

Dignity. Privacy. Care.

Zemplee ensures that families are close even when they are far away. Zemplee provides families with real-time data giving peace of mind that their loved ones are safe. There is no video or a voice-based monitoring system, so there is never a compromise of privacy or HIPAA policies.

Cost-saving without compromising care

Your staff time is limited – AI is not. Zemplee lowers cost in multiple ways. We also help set you apart by distinguishing your facility as a tech-empowered leader, helping you do more with less. 


The first all-in-one dashboard on the market to help care for the elderly.

AI Analytics

Empower staff and caregivers with state-of-the-art tools and get transparency the leadership needs. 

Customizable & Easy to Use

Nothing interferes with residents or changes your operations.

How It Works

Zemplee Room Sensors

Strategically placed throughout each residence or living unit to capture movement and activity

Smart Inserts

Placed on chairs and beds. Captures respiratory rate, heart rate, and sleep patterns.


Captures all the data to empower facilities to make better decisions in real-time. 

Trusted Across America

Ms. D

"I live by myself and was using 24 hour in-home care. The expense of this around-the-clock care was becoming too costly. I added Zemplee’s remote monitoring system to supplement my daily hands-on care. With this technology, I was able to save $6,500 per month and I can now continue to live safely in my own home."

- Mrs. D., Sacramento, CA

Mr. B

"I am an 84 ear-old man living alone in my home. I need 24-hour care. As an alternative to assisted living, I had a Zemplee system installed in my home. One evening, I left my bed and did not return for several minutes and there was no motion detected elsewhere in the house. The monitoring team called me to ensure that a fall had not taken place and found that I had fallen asleep on my bedside commode. The team stayed on the phone with me while I safely returned to my bed."

- Mr. B., Roseville CA

Ms. K

Ms. K. from San Ramon, CA, is an 87 year-old woman who is living at home alone. At night Ms. K has a caregiver as she tends to be unsteady on her feet and is at risk for falls. Sensors were installed in her home to maintain her valued alone time and independence during the day. One afternoon, our agency was alerted that she had been sitting in her recliner for longer than usual. She was having trouble getting out of her chair and needed help. Soon assistance was sent to help her out of her chair. Additional care was provided until she was feeling stronger.

- Ms. K., San Ramon, CA


"I am excited to be partnering with Zemplee. Their technology will help me offer a variety of care options to my clients and meet their care requirements. It enables me to optimize my caregiver schedules and deliver a higher quality of care."

Ketan Shah, Owner, Home Helpers of Santa Clara Valley, Zemplee Partner


"As a son with elderly parents, I know the anxiety of not knowing that they are OK in their own home. Zemplee is the perfect system because it gives your parents the freedom and independence to live in their own home, while providing you the peace of mind that they are safe. And best of all it is an affordable solution!"

Craig Falk, Founder and CEO, Craig Cares, Zemplee Partner

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