How it works

Zemplee uses incredibly smart sensors to respect your privacy and keep you safe. Using our proprietary systems, combined with the data from those sensors, we create a behavioral baseline of your loved one in the first month. After this month, our system understands the daily actions and monitors for health and safety factors such as, lighting, eating, restroom use, and others. When concerning events occur in your loved ones behavior Zemplee alerts whomever you choose - you, a caregiver or a physician.


At Zemplee, we realize that no one can know your loved ones better then you, however things can change as we have family’s of our own or have to move away. Zemplee helps close the gap by determining different behaviors like the ones below.

Respiratory rate

Heart rate

Sleep patterns

Isolation monitoring

Movement detection

Medication tracking

Room Sensors

When people hear “sensors” they tend to feel concerned. Thankfully at Zemplee we have solved the privacy problem by creating Passive Devices utilizing Attentive AI. People do not want to be spied on or feel invaded on in any way; which is why there are no cameras or microphones in any of our technology. The sensors will detect and identify behavioral changes and warning signs, alerting to a possible health problem.

*image is only an example and does not represent exact model.

Smart Inserts

Zemplee occupancy sensors placed under primary sleeping and sitting areas to track sleeping duration patterns to specific universally critical vital signs.

*image is only an example and does not represent exact model.


Zemplee's state of the art dashboard with bespoke graphical and visual representations provides precise, concise, and in-depth analysis.

Powered by AI, the dashboard allows providers, caregivers, and family members alike, to access and review collected health and wellness data in real time on any device.

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  • Increased Health Security
  • Improved lifestyle & independence in a protected environment
  • Transparent Care Circle Reporting
  • Lower litigation risks
  • Reduced facility costs
  • Efficient workload distribution
  • Competitive advantage

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