How it works

Zemplee captures data via our WIFI and IOT technology to connect our smart sensors that are strategically placed in a resident’s room or home. There are no camera or voice-enable technology that will create privacy concerns.


Respiratory rate

Heart rate

Sleep patterns

Isolation monitoring

Movement detection

Medication tracking

Zemplee can also be used for doctor enabled remote patient monitoring.

Room Sensors

Deployed strategically throughout primary living spaces, Zemplee sensors scan, monitor, and alert without the need for invasive observation. The sensors will detect and identify behavioral changes and warning signs, alerting to a possible health problem.

*image is only an example and does not represent exact model.

Smart Inserts

Placed under primary sleeping and sitting areas, smart inserts track everything from sleeping duration patterns to specific universally critical vital signs. Once installed, our 100% passive Zemplee smart inserts, do not require any user education or manual operation.

*image is only an example and does not represent exact model.


Driven by the power of AI, our simplified dashboard allows providers, caregivers, and family members alike, to access and review collected health data anywhere! Anyone within an individual Zemplee Care Circle, is able to survey that data through an intuitive interface. Boasting extensive charting and graphical representations, in-depth analysis is both clear and concise.

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  • Increased Health Security
  • Improved lifestyle & independence in a protected environment
  • Transparent Care Circle Reporting
  • Lower litigation risks
  • Reduced facility costs
  • Efficient workload distribution
  • Competitive advantage


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